As Izoltek Izolasyon; we have a broad-based mentor experience that directs all of its

energy to the insulation and accessory needs of the Transformer, Motor and Generator

sectors from an innovative point of view.

With its experienced and expert staff, we serve our customers by catching the Quality -

Price balance rather than the competition priority in domestic and foreign markets.

The primary target sector Izoltek Insulation, which is the transformer market, has been

expanding its target range since the second half of 2018 and at the same time increasing

its product range, as well as dry-type, oil-type, power and traction transformer market,

as well as motor, electricity, generator and similar low-medium- aims to meet the

insulation and accessory needs of the entire energy sector in high temperature class.

The most important feature of İzoltek Isolation is its R & D priority. Rather than

importing the needs of the sectors in the target market, it is the production of products

which are not produced in our country or which are open to production development.

Within a short time all of a substantial portion of the imported product available to our

work we have started to produce in Turkey. The most important feature of İzoltek is that

it aims to reduce the cost of its customers with high quality standards.

In addition to the current domestic market, Izoltek exports to various countries of Europe.

Isolation Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and works for close contact with the countries of the United States.

has been completed. Since 2018, we have increased the number of countries we export to

We can proudly say that we have made a serious progress for our goals.


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